Introduction and hello

I am a Norwegian guitarist (b. 1988) working in the field of experimental music, both improvised and composed. My main focuses are exploring and utilizing the acoustic possibilities of the steel string guitar, motivated by a fascination for the almost tactile experiences of acoustic phenomena. The last months I have been working extensively with intonation, with an extended concept of consonance as a point of departure, both in solo work and in duos with trumpeter Torstein Lavik Larsen and bass player Jonathan Heilbron. I have also had the lucky opportunity to take lessons in this field with composer and violist Catherine Lamb.

Other music that I am inspired by includes wandelweiser music, traditional british folk and early music.

contact: fredrikrasten(at)gmail(dot)com



Upcoming releases:

Music is recorded and records will be released soon with Oker, Volumes, Arches, my own solo project as well as solo recordings of Johan Lindvall´s music.



Upcoming Live:

Pip Winter / Spring Tour 2018:
February 1st – Ausland, Berlin
February 2nd – Wim, Zürich
March 13th – Bludny Kamen, Ostrava
March 14th – Offene Ohren, Munich
March 15th – Interpenetration, Graz
March 16th – Repete, Ljubljana
March 17th – Setzkasten, Vienna


March 10th – View from nowhere plays duo music of Antoine Beuger, Johan Lindvall and Fredrik Rasten, Levinsalen, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo


With Vilhelm Bromander on double bass:
March 22nd – Cappelens Forslag, Oslo


Release tour with Oker:

February 7th: Brötz, Gothenburg

April 9th: Le 102, Grenoble

April 10th: Le Cabinet, Geneva

April 11th: La Maison de Norvege, Paris


April 24th: Trio with Andrea Neumann and Espen Reinertsen, Blow Out, Oslo

April 25th: Solo, Gallery ANX Nord, Oslo


Past concerts 2017 / 18:

January 18th – Pip, with Dag Erik Knedal Andersen – Musikkbaren/Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

February 1st – Pip – Kulturnhalle, Leipzig

February 2nd – Pip, Unijazz/Punctum, Prague

February 3rd – Pip, Frequenzgänge, Hamburg

February 5th – Pip, Sacred Realism/Studio 8, Berlin

February 13th – Pip (tripple bill and joint session with duos Kakapoi and Veve), Levinsalen/Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

February 15th – Pip, Periferien/Sentralen, Oslo

February 17th – Oker, Serendip/Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

February 18th – Nåtiden – children´s concert, Serendip/Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

March 8th – Propanions (the vocal duo Propan with guests), Ladyfest/TBA, Oslo

March 10th – Pip with Christian Wallumrød, RAW/Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

March 16th – Seshen/Hans Kjorstad/Fredrik Rasten/Christian Wallumrød, Biermannsgården, Oslo

March 25th – Solo, Nonfigurativ Musikk, Tønsberg

March 26th – Fennel – double bill with Vojtech Prochazka/Agnes Hvizdalek, Biermannsgården, Oslo

March 29th – Oker, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

March 30th – Oker, Bludny Kamen, Ostrava
April 1st – Oker, Stanica, Zilina
April 2nd – Oker, Mozg, Warszawa
April 7th – Solo performance of “point / wave” by Catherine Lamb, Cappelens Forslag, Oslo
April 8th – duo with Andrew Wilhite (bass), Levinsalen, Norwegian Academy of Music
 May 14th – Oker, Klanghaus Festival, Untergreith, Austria
May 31st – Exam concert at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo (solo and with Pip, improvisations and compositions by FR, Pip, Catherine Lamb and Johan Lindvall)
June 4th – Mikoo ( with Michaela Antalova, Ina Sagstuen and Ayumi Tanaka), Kulturhuset/Oslo


June 21st – Solo performance with music for guitar and guitar / voice of Johan Lindvall, Biermannsgården, Oslo


Russia/Germany/Norway tour with Arches (Jon Heilbron – double bass):
June 20th – Dans for voksne/Cappelens Forslag, Oslo
June 22nd – Spinarium/Vinylla Sky, duo collaboration with Boris Shersenkov
June 23rd – Spinarium/Vinylla Sky, St. Petersburg
June 24th –  art space TEPLO, Yaroslavl
June 25th – Untitled, Moscow
July 2nd –  Duo with Emilio Gordoa, Sacred Realism/Studio 8, Berlin
July 8th – Solo at Motvind / Mir, Oslo

August 27th – Solo at Cappelens Forslag, Oslo


September 7th – Cappelens Forslag, Oslo:

Trio with:

John Andrew Wilhite – double bass

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø – trombone


+ Sarah-Jane Summers – violin solo



 Tour with Volumes (with Isak Hedtjärn, Torstein Lavik Larsen and Magda Mayas):
September 24th – Kampenjazz, Oslo
September 25th – Pøkk, Trondheim
September 27th – Brötz, Gothenburg
Tour with Oker:
October 1st – Kafe Hærværk, Oslo
October 3rd – Culturgest, Lisboa
October 4th – Smup, Parede
October 5th – Salao Brazil, Coimbra
October 6th – Sonoscopia, Porto
4 days of performances with Freya Sif Hestnes´ project Lost item service:
October 12th – 15th – Diskurs 17, Giessen
November 20th – Sextet with Pip / Streifeinjunko / Seijiro Murayama / Per Oddvar Johansen, Oslo, Levinsalen / Norwegian Academy of Music
November 23rd – “Telepartitur”, with John Andrew Wilhite, Ina Sagstuen,
Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, Michaela Antalová and visual artist Auden Lincoln-Vogel,
Oslo, Lindemannsalen / Norwegian Academy of Music
December 7th –  Pip with Dag Erik Knedal Andersen – Ila Fysikalske, Oslo
Duo concerts with Vilhelm Bromander on double bass:
January 21st – Pattons Malmgård, Stockholm
January 23rd – Fylkingen, Stockholm


Main groups and projects

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with Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet

Pip is an acoustic duo working within the improvised/experimental field. The duo explores the possibilities of the acoustics of trumpet and guitar with a focused sense of intonation and timbre as a point of departure. They create gradually developing textures in an intermediate state between static and organic.






with Inga Margrete Aas – gamba, double bass, Vilde Sandve Alnæs – violin, Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet

Limits is a quartet playing composed material with a focus on just intonation. Vilde and Inga have a beautiful duo and as I have played a lot with Torstein in different constellations I thought this would be a nice match.



with Jan Martin Gismervik – drums, Adrian Fiskum Myhr – bass, Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet

Oker combines sounds from extended instrumental techniques with open tonalities and deconstructed grooves. The ensemble balances between airy gestures and dense collective blocks of sound.




with Natali A. Garner – vocals, Jan Martin Gismervik – drums

Nåtiden combines detailed acoustic improvisations with their own folk inspired songs.

The trio also has an ongoing project with Scenographer Ann Sofie Godø, producing a combined light installation and concert for children.






with Isak Hedtjärn – metal clarinet, Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet, Magda Mayas – prepared grand piano

Volumes is a new exciting improvising quartet. Music is planned to be released in 2018



View from nowhere

with Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem – guitar

Vfn plays minimal improvised and composed music. The duo also collaborates with other composers, and have had pieces composed for them by Antoine Beuger, Danielle Dahl and Johan Lindvall.




with Jonathan Heilbron – double bass

This duo plays semi-composed but mainly improvised music consisting
of sustained notes with subtle changes in intonation and tonal colour.




Fredrik Rasten works with acoustic guitar and in exploring the possibilities for putting this instrument in new musical contexts. With extensive use of preparations and different non-tempered tunings, he creates warm sounds in gradual development. He also includes subtle use of the voice to make interfering thick timbres and tonalities in combination with the guitar.  A goal for the music is to open a room for details that invites the listener inside the musical material in an active and exploring way.

He is also playing composed music, especially related to quiet / Wandelweiser music and Just Intonation music, and has performed pieces by Johan Lindvall, Antoine Beuger and Catherine Lamb.







Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, Efpi Records Fp018 (2014)